State Boarding Schools

The bulk of our website deals with private boarding schools. However, there is a little known group of UK state boarding schools, also known in UK terminology as “maintained boarding schools”. The key differences between a state boarding school and a private boarding school are

  • The state school will be much less expensive, because you pay only for the boarding accommodation. You could be charged say £13,000 as opposed to £25,000 per annum.
  • The teaching and curriculum are the same as they are in a state day school.
  • A state boarding school will typically have better facilities and more extra curricular activities than a state day school, but not quite as wide as the selection in a private boarding school.
  • Most state boarding schools are for mixed ability pupils (but see later)
  • A state boarding school can only offer their places to UK and European Nationals plus those who have “right of abode in the UK” stamped in their passports.

There are approximately 35 state boarding schools and most of them cater for day pupils at the same time. The average total pupil roll is about 800 but the number of boarders is less than 100 in 75% of these schools. There are only 9 state boarding schools where the number of boarders exceeds 250 or 25% of the school. Whereas, state day schools are not allowed to impose selection criteria and must accept from their catchment area, a state boarding school will generally impose moderate selection criteria and can accept from any area.

In this section we have chosen to highlight one of the largest state boarding schools with a high percentage of boarders – The Royal Alexander and Albert School in Reigate, Surrey. It is the only one to offer boarding from 7 through to 18. View the following video clips and follow the links to order a full DVD or Prospectus.

Royal Alexandra and Albert School
As We Really Are

Royal Alexandra and Albert School

Royal Alexandra and Albert School