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Welcome to which assists parents who wish to select an independent (private) boarding school in England, Wales or Scotland. It is so difficult to select a school by looking at flat prospectuses that we aim to make it easier for you by showing you videos of selected boarding schools. It is much easier to get a feel for a school’s ethos, boarding accommodation, pastoral care and facilities by looking at a film. Just click on the “play” button to see the featured videos. You may also request the full length DVD of that school to be mailed to you.

Most parents want to be sure that their target school has a good academic performance. We carry 4 separate exam league tables of almost all UK private boarding schools in terms of their A levels or International Baccalaureate points, even where they have not been released to the National Press. These tables are split by co-educational, boys only and girls only.

If you cannot find your target private school in the exam league tables, all other UK private boarding schools are in our database and may be found by using the “Find a school” section. Once you have located the profile of that school, you may also be able to see its exam results, which can be compared to the independent schools in the tables.

Of course, school league tables are only one criterion for assessing a private school. Your child may not be suited to a very selective private school with a high pressure academic environment – so please read the FREE eGuide on choosing an independent boarding school in the first section “how to choose a boarding school”. This also contains a 30 – point questionnaire to help you ask the right questions on your private school visits. We also encourage you to use our expert consultancy service to find the right independent school. This is FREE for parents seeking a boarding school or independent sixth form college.

You can find the current private school fees at senior level in both the school league tables and the individual profiles of schools. For all of the school league tables, you can click a button on the right to show the top schools in ascending order of fees in case you have a limited budget.

Many independent schools have expressed dismay at exam grade inflation for A Levels and this has started a trend away to more stretching qualifications. You will find such qualifications described in detail in our companion websites, and

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